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At Blue Lotus Collection, our target is to be a primary source for seekers of jewelry and art. We manufacture a wide range of products primarily geared towards a high-priced look, but at a low-priced tag. In today’s market, where metal prices have soared over the past few years, artisans have to get more creative than ever before to bring to market innovative styles, all while finding ways to reduce the cost of producing better items than ever before. We aim to deliver an optimal level of style and substance while keeping these facts in mind.

From the simple and classic to the ornate and contemporary, our products are designed with quality of workmanship and finish, as well as affordability, in mind. For more than 15 years, we’ve strived to create a constantly evolving fusion of current general trends with our own distinctive style, resulting in unique creations which have come to define our various product lines. From initial brainstorming hand-drawn design sketches, to model making, to complete manufacturing, we carry out every aspect of the production process.

This allows us to cater to customers’ ‘made-to-order’ requirements as well, and can work with you to design unique items exclusively for you. We draw inspiration from the countless degree of sources around us every day, and in turn, hope our products serve to inspire everyone who they come in contact with, whether they purchase our merchandise or not.

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